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PLL‘s Emily’s egg scenario is the weirdest storyline yet

Pretty Little Liars may have just come up with its strangest character arch yet after New A (aka B) steals Emily’s donated eggs.

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And that’s not where the strangeness of this storyline ends. I have so many questions about this one, and each feels more awkward and wrong than the next.

First of all, how does a girl blow her dad’s inheritance money in all of five years? What was she buying? Emily’s mom mentioned a few episodes back that the money would have been enough for Emily (Shay Mitchell) to pay for schooling, so we’re not talking about a few spare thousand dollars. He left her big money. And she just blew it all? That seems very un-Emily like.

And then there’s the whole weirdness about how she actually decided that donating her eggs was a good idea. Not to mention, the show really seems to diminish the actual risks and procedure of it all. (I get it, it’s not a medical show.) It still seems like maybe she should have thought this through a little more.

The money doesn’t seem that good that injecting yourself with weird hormones for a few months makes more sense than just actually getting yourself a job. I waitressed for a while and, honestly, might have made more money than I currently do as a writer. I was getting paid bank, people. Don’t tell me Emily isn’t savvy enough to figure something safer and less painful out for herself.

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Finally, once Emily does get to the actual egg harvesting portion of this whole thing, it goes terribly — I mean nightmarishly — wrong when her eggs are stolen, and she claims she was attacked by Sara Harvey after the procedure.

A couple of things here: Don’t hospitals have pretty thorough security measures and cameras? If I were Emily, I would be lawyering up and preparing a lawsuit against someone for letting my eggs get stolen by a madman (or woman). Someone (or multiple someones) made some serious errors if her eggs just vanished into the hands of creepy emoji person.

And the egg stealing wasn’t even the strangest part of this whole thing. The worst was the note B left with a carton of eggs explaining, “Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.” What does that even mean?! Is B going to implant herself with Emily’s unfertilized potential babies? Or use someone else if B is a guy? Will B sell them on the black market? Does B even have the kind of power to orchestrate some grand scientific plan with Emily’s could-be babies?

The whole thing is just as confusing as it is wrong.

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Pretty Little Liars has some serious explaining to do if they expect this storyline to appease fans and that explaining had better come real soon.

What do you think of Pretty Little Liars‘ eggs-periment with Emily?

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