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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds take naughty pic together at Deadpool premiere

As Valentine’s Day is getting closer, we can all be secure in the knowledge that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are happy as ever.

Lively accompanied her husband on the red carpet for his new film Deadpool, and it didn’t take long for the jokey couple to play around for the camera. Reynolds gets all up in her C-cup and looks very pleased with with himself. “Two Deadpools, one cup,” Lively captioned her Instagram.

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Fans are loving the PDA. The world of celebrity Instagram comments is usually filled with at least a few trolls, but Blyan are simply #relationshipgoals and #couplegoals. One commenter sees the appeal of their relationship, saying, “I can see why Ryan married her now, she’s just as big of a goofball as he is. Lol the perfect goofball couple.”

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Lively has also been spending some quality girl time with her adorable, ageless mother and sister. The Lively ladies got together to celebrate Lively’s sister Robyn’s birthday. Lively’s sweet Instagram caption reads, “Happy Birthday to my best friend, who also happens to be my sister. I [heart] you to the [moon] and [stars] @robynlively P.S. holy cow, our mama is #goals right!?!?? This better me the new ‘who’s the mom’ viral pic”
It’s heartening to see these new parents (baby James turned 1 on Dec. 16!) out on the town and being silly in this dark, depressing world of celebrity breakups. Support Blyan and check out Deadpool in theaters on Friday, Feb. 12.

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