Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute's new confidence may be because of her ex

Feb 9, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. ET
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If you're an avid Vanderpump Rules viewer — which, come on, how could you not be? — you've probably noticed a change in Kristen Doute this season, particularly the last few episodes. The former SUR server — who was often seen crying, begging or lurking outside the back entrance of the restaurant — has seemingly undergone a metamorphosis, emerging more confident, happy and emotionally healthy than ever. "I'm 5 [feet] 9 and f***ng beautiful," she exclaimed in a recent episode. Good for her! Glad she finally sees it. 

However, during Monday night's episode, during her date with Aleks from Below Deck, an interesting piece of info came to light: Her ex-boyfriend, James Kennedy, has been drunk texting her frequently, telling her he wants her back. O RLY?!

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Apparently, even though it's seemed like Kennedy has only had eyes for Lala Kent since he and Doute broke up, he's secretly been trying to win his ex back. Kennedy, who, let's be honest, has about the charm of the New Jersey Turnpike, confessed to missing Doute during his one-on-one with the camera, and he even crashed Katie Maloney's Pucker & Pout party — clad in a white hoodie, natch — in order to have a tête–à–tête with his former flame.

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Doute, who was enjoying herself at the party with Aleks, agreed to talk to Kennedy for "four and a half minutes." Their conversation, unsurprisingly, dovetailed into a yelling match during which Kennedy stormed off and Doute told the camera that he could "suck a dick." It was classic VPR. And in a way, classic Doute. But Doute isn't her same old self anymore, remember? She's a changed woman. Why did she seem to revel — even the teeniest bit — in Kennedy pulling her away from her date? Sure, it's nice to be wanted, but please, Kristen, tell us this isn't where you're new swagger is coming from — because someone is pining after you. You're 5'9" and f***ing beautiful, remember?!

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It was definitely obvious, for multiple reasons, that Doute and Kennedy were horrible together. He, no doubt, was a rebound romance for her after she and Tom Sandoval broke up. So, when the two ended things, it was, in a way, only natural for Doute to feel good. She had gotten out of a toxic relationship. But there's no denying that she's got more mojo than ever lately — and that mojo didn't happen immediately after their breakup. So, did it happen when Kennedy started texting her again? Did Doute realize how awesome she really is after she was — sorry, but finally — on the receiving end of someone else's pursuit? Let's hope not.

As the old dime store psychology saying goes, "If you live for the approval of others, you'll die by their criticism." If Doute is only feeling good because she knows that she's wanted, what will happen when Kennedy moves on? There's no question that she doesn't want to be with him, but like Larry David has pointed out, people still want to be invited to the party, even if they don't want to go.

Doute has come a long way this season, and regardless of the reason, it's a good thing. She's fun to watch, back in with the gang, and like she said, is "living a rom-com." (Maybe not as the lead, but still.) Here's to hoping that she continues on her positive journey and remains unflappable no matter who's waiting in the wings.

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