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Teresa Giudice’s memoir reveals shocking truths about life behind bars

Teresa Giudice sat down with Good Morning America‘s Amy Robach for her first televised interview this morning, in which she compared her experience behind bars to “living in hell.” And her memoir, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back, can substantiate that claim.

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People magazine has documented Giudice’s 10 most shocking revelations, which included no conjugal visits and the vulnerability of having to squat and cough. And even though Danbury inspired the hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, Giudice never watched it — but her memoir does confirm some things we’ve seen on the show, namely that feminine sanitary products have many uses — remember the Maxi Pad shower shoes?

According to Giudice, inmates use maxi pads for many different things, including face masks, slippers and cleaning rags.

“I laughed the first time I wiped down the floor and my locker with a maxi pad. I couldn’t help but think, if only everyone could see me now.”

But that wasn’t the most surprising use for the feminine product, because there was also a prison-style sex toy that included a maxi pad a toothbrush and a rubber glove. “I never cared to use anything like that, but I have to say, the women in there are so creative.”

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Another bombshell was her roommate’s sexual appetite.

“The ladies were getting it on so much that our room became known as the Boom Boom Room,” she wrote.

It’s not just a lot of sex that happens between inmates, but also a lot of drama, as Giudice reveals that many fights broke out over TV time. The facility only has five televisions, which are shared among 200 women. But did Giudice ever get involved in the drama?

She didn’t, and she wasn’t scared either. She wrote, “I’m pretty strong. I think I could handle myself.”

But above all the claims she made, we have to say the one that is the most revolting has to involve meal times… and maggots.

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According to Giudice’s memoir, an inmate once spotted maggots in the rice. So, not surprisingly, she tried to eat as much salad and healthy food as possible.

Being behind bars is no picnic, and Giudice’s comments are all the proof you need.

Will you be reading Teresa Giudice’s memoir? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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