14 Reasons Ben Higgins is hands down the best Bachelor in history

Feb 9, 2016 at 8:55 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Let me be clear. The reason I don't want Ben Higgins to find his true love on The Bachelor is because I either want to date him or have him appear as the Bachelor again. I could watch him every season. And I think the women of America would agree that he's stolen the show. 

Here are the ways Ben makes me regret not auditioning for this season of the show every single episode.

1. He trusts his instincts

The way he got rid of Leah during tonight's episode was so perfect I was shouting in victory. She was unfairly trying to tear down another woman. Ben saw through it and wasn't afraid to say their connection was faulty.

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2. He respects the women

Every time he talks to the women, he tries to make them feel special and appreciated. And he succeeds.

3. He knows how to juggle the women's emotions

He genuinely cares about their feelings.

4. He's a great listener

Every time the women begin to feel the pressure, Ben takes the time to hear them out and comfort them in a way that's super meaningful and impossible not to note.

5. He takes his time

When the women questioned Olivia, Ben talked it out and took his time to make a personal decision he could be confident in.

6. He's handsome

Enough said.

7. He has values

Ben talks about his faith a lot, but that isn't the sum of it. He also has morals that are carrying him through. His momma should be proud.

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8. He's successful

Ben works as an account manager at Talisys. The company likes him so much, in fact, that they are allowing him to keep his job even through all his adventures on the show.

9. He's a good judge of character

The girls spoke out about Olivia, but he would have figured it out for himself eventually. Same could be said for Amber, who bashed Jubilee, and Leah, who lied about Lauren B.

10. He pays attention to detail

Like when he set up that little hair clip date for Amanda and her kids. It's the little things that mean the most.

11. He didn't revel in dating twins

Normal guys would have loved that opportunity to date Emily and Hayley together, at the same time. But Ben made the decision early on about who he had the biggest connection with.

12. He's not shallow

The guy admitted he doesn't think he's lovable during Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette, for goodness sake. Clearly, he's not full of himself.

13. His communication is on point

All of their conversations sound like therapy and start with things like "I feel...," "When you say...," and "This makes me think...." But, hey, who cares about the cheesiness when it's all said so meaningfully.

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14. He seems genuinely ready to find a wife

All I'm saying is, Ben, if things don't work out for you on The Bachelor... call me.

Do you think Ben Higgins is the biggest catch in The Bachelor history?