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7 Hot Biggest Loser makeovers from Season 17

It’s makeover week on The Biggest Loser, and wow — what a difference several dozen pounds and a tailored outfit can make! Check out the amazing transformations of this season’s hardworking Biggest Loser contestants.

1. Colby Wright

Colby Progress
Image: NBC

Regardless of his appearance, Wright has long been a fan favorite on The Biggest Loser. Viewers were even more enthusiastic about him after they witnessed his suave new look.

2. Felicia Buffkin

Felicia Progress
Image: NBC

Buffkin is not the most popular contestant of Season 17, but her transformation has arguably been the most impressive. The already beautiful Buffkin went from girl-next-door pretty to a complete babe. Bob Harper’s response to her new look was not “Bye, Felicia,” but rather, “Damn, Felicia!”

Harper was not the only guy who was into Buffkin’s appearance. Several fans complimented her gorgeous figure. The following are a few of the most notable tweets of the evening.

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3. Roberto Hernandez

Roberto Progress
Image: NBC

Last week, a few viewers hoped that Hernandez and his brother would get a personality makeover, as they scoffed at Buffkin’s well-earned victory. However, regardless of what you think of Hernandez’s personality, it’s impossible to deny that his physical makeover on The Biggest Loser has been spectacular.

4. Jacky Kmet

Jacky Progress
Image: NBC

Throughout this season, Jacky Kmet has impressed viewers with her commitment to her kids. Her children are surely inspired by her new look, as well as her commitment to setting a good example. Thanks to her weight loss and her makeover, she is now one hot mama!

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5. Steve Kmet

Steve Progress
Image: NBC

Suffice to say, Steve Kmet was wowed by his wife’s transformation. However, his makeover was just as amazing. The Biggest Loser‘s power couple is on fire!

6. Lauren Clark

Lauren Progress
Image: NBC

Lauren Clark always had the potential to be a knockout, and now she has finally realized that potential. However, although she was proud of her new look, she knew that this wouldn’t be enough to achieve her ultimate goal. Her big quote of the evening was, “The scale does not care that it’s makeover week.”

7. Erin Willett

Erin Progress
Image: NBC

A stylish wardrobe is nothing new for Willett, who rocked all kinds of gorgeous apparel on The Voice. However, tonight’s made-over Willett looked far different than she did on The Voice. She also looked different than she has during her stint on The Biggest Loser, and not just because she shed so many pounds. Her once vibrant hair had a more natural hue during tonight’s episode, giving her a sleeker, more mature look.

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Which of tonight’s The Biggest Loser makeovers did you find most impressive? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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