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A tragic X-Files death shows it’s the little mysteries that really count

In the latest episode, a heartbreaking loss for one taught us all that it’s not the biggest mysteries that need to be solved, but the little ones.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

The revamped version of The X-Files has all the best bits from the original ’90s version, plus the wisdom of time to know how to get the balance right. Tonight’s episode had a creepy monster that was right up there with those that terrorized me the first time I fell in love with this show.

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But it was the emotion that was truly cranked up in “Home Again,” when Scully got a call that her mother was in the hospital. She immediately went to be with her mother while Mulder continued to work the case. After some references to an estranged brother, Scully sat by her mom and probably thought what I know I was thinking: Her mother can’t possibly die. It just didn’t feel like the right time for that to happen, with no warning and right in the middle of a spooky case.

When Scully’s mother did pass, after one final phone call from her absent son, it hit me that the show had presented us with the most frightening death of all. Death of a loved one doesn’t always come with a plan, with expectation. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it. Thanks to the writers of this series, we’ve witnessed some monstrous murders. Tonight’s episode added the sight of seeing a few people literally torn limb from limb, which I won’t soon get out of my mind. Yet it was the quiet and peaceful death in a hospital bed that was the most terrifying as it reminded us that death can happen anytime.

Through Scully, the show also taught the lesson that it’s the little mysteries that matter more than the big ones. Scully would have given anything to talk to her mom again and at that moment it didn’t matter if there were aliens or monsters or government conspiracies. Mulder and Scully have spent years of their lives tracking down answers to some massive questions about the universe, but in one moment they were both reminded that none of that stuff mattered more than family.

As tragic as it was to watch Scully’s mother pass from her life, it did show once again why Mulder and she truly are soul mates. He knew when to let her go be with her family, but he also instinctively knew when he needed to be with her. When he showed up at the hospital and announced his presence with a simple “I’m here,” I nearly lost it. Oh, who am I kidding? I did completely lose it.

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I’m glad he was there for Scully when her mother died and I’m equally glad that their son was brought up yet again. As has been discussed before, there have been plenty of hints dropped about Scully and Mulder’s child and I’m beginning to think we’re going to see him sooner than later. They both have ideas of what has happened to him, questions that they need answered and questions they are sure he has for them. What I need is for them to see him again and I really hope it happens before this much too short season is over. Here’s hoping the loss of one loved one will harken the return of another and the chance to get back a little of what they missed out on for the past 15 years.

What did you think of the latest death on The X-Files?

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