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Taryn Manning is now waging war against the NYPD

Orange Is the New Black star Taryn Manning is fighting back against the New York Police Department and she’s going directly to the Supreme Court to do it. The actress filed a petition on Monday claiming that she was wrongfully arrested back on Nov. 8, 2014.

The petition alleges that the NYPD never should have arrested Manning in the first place, knowing what they did. Apparently, Jeanine Heller, the woman who claimed Manning was making criminal threats against her, had been previously arrested for harassing Manning. In fact, Manning had a restraining order out against Heller.

According to Manning’s attorney, the NYPD knew about the restraining order and knew that the district attorney was not going to press charges against Manning but arrested her anyway.

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“Ms. Manning should never have been arrested where the New York City Police Department received advance notice from the New York County District Attorney’s Office that Ms. Manning would not be prosecuted based on an allegation of the subject complainant,” Manning’s attorney James Franzetti said. “It was also astonishing that the NYPD acted on an allegation of a complainant with a glaring prosecutorial (two prior arrests, charges including stalking and harassing Ms. Manning) and plea history.”

For those of us who didn’t go to law school, Franzetti basically said that in a she-said, she-said case like this, you shouldn’t take the side of the girl against whom one has a restraining order.

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Filing the petition doesn’t guarantee victory for Manning, though. The judicial system isn’t known for their speedy processes after all. What it does mean is that we’ll probably be hearing more bizarre legal claims from former friends Manning and Heller. Let’s just hope it won’t end in more jail time.

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What do you think about Manning’s claims? Was she wrongfully arrested?

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