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Sherri Shepherd’s ex reveals the shocking way she rejected their baby

Sherri Shepherd’s ex has some shocking things to say about her treatment of the child she wrote off after their surrogate gave birth.

Lamar Sally revealed that Shepherd has never once met their son LJ and has behaved in a most shocking manner when he tried to foster a relationship between the pair.

“My honest opinion is that it’s very hurtful that she would take it this far because the first conversation that we had is that we both wanted a baby,” Sally told Radar Online of Shepherd, who is still trying to have her name removed from the baby’s birth certificate as his mother despite a court ruling ordering her to pay child support.

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“We both paid for the surrogate — she paid for the majority — and we talked about it numerous times: about LJ being born.

“So for her to come out now to take it this far to the Supreme Court is just baffling to me,” he continued. “It hurts that LJ is growing up without a mother.”

Sally also revealed that Shepherd made a cold, calculated move when he tried to share a photo of the baby with her.

“She has never met LJ,” he confirmed. “She has never reached out for anything. She has never asked for pictures… I sent her a Christmas card the first year he was born — he was like four months — and it came back.”

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Sally claims he has no idea why Shepherd made a complete 180 on their decision to have a baby together via surrogate.

“I don’t know why she doesn’t want to be a part of his life,” he said. “He’s a really good baby. He’s charismatic and always laughing and smiling. She’s really missing out on a lot. He’s really something special.”

But it turns out Sally has more motive than disappointment in speaking out against Shepherd. He is in the midst of filming a reality show about his life as a single dad and the couple’s legal battle.

Single Dads of LA will follow Sally and four other men as they navigate their new parenting responsibilities.

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