The Good Wife canceled: 7 Reasons Alicia and Peter need to divorce ASAP

We’re sad The Good Wife is coming to an end considering it’s been one of the most addictive and emotional shows on network TV. However, there’s one wish we have for Alicia and that’s for her to get a divorce pronto. Here are seven reasons why.

The Good Wife
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1. Peter lost his bid for president

The Good Wife creators, Michelle and Robert King, have made no attempt to hide the fact that the marriage in the show is loosely based on the marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Like the name of the show implies, Alicia has stood by her husband Peter through numerous scandals. However, unlike Hillary Clinton, Alicia doesn’t have White House ambitions of her own. Now that the election has passed Peter by, now is the perfect time for Alicia to file for divorce.

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2. Alicia’s kids, Grace and Zach, are grown

The Good Wife
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We can easily understand Alicia wanting to keep her family together to create stability for her children, but both Zach and Grace are adults and would most likely benefit more from seeing their mother pursue her own happiness.

3. Alicia and Lucca Quinn have their own law firm

Though Alicia and Lucca’s firm may be getting kicked out of Alicia’s swanky apartment, they still seem to be finding their own success, making Alicia less dependent on Peter.

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4. Uh, Jason is hot

The Good Wife
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The show replaced the near superhero-like criminal investigator Kalinda Sharma with the super-sexy Jason Crouse who finally shared a kiss with Alicia last week. Jason is a man with a lot of confidence and doesn’t seem like the type to be a married woman’s plaything. He’ll no doubt want a real relationship with Alicia.

5. Alicia needs to be a modern woman

One of the things that polarizes people about Hillary Clinton is that she stayed with Bill after years of his extramarital affairs. Some people see this as a strength but others, more likely the younger generation, see this as a weakness. It’s finally time for Alicia to step out of her husband’s shadow and put her own life first.

6. Alicia doesn’t love Peter anymore

Not that love is the primary factor in all marriages, especially after several decades, but true romantic love seems to be important to Alicia. She needs to fill the hole in her heart that Peter left.

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7. Alicia owes it to Will Gardner

The Good Wife
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Now that Alicia knows about the message from Will where he expressed his true feelings for her, she owes it to his memory not to waste anymore time. Jason seems like a good match for her and Will would want her to be happy.

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights on CBS.

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