Brandi Glanville has a nasty nickname for Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi Glanville is here for drama.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star released a new episode of her podcast “Brandi Glanville Unfiltered,” and she’s calling out everybody from co-stars Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards to Snoop Dogg.

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In a segment called “Brandi Fires Back”, she doesn’t hesitate to call Richards and Vanderpump every name in the book. “Those bitches are cowards,” she says. “They’re going to talk about people who can’t defend themselves because they don’t want to talk about each other. So I’m going to address two things that were said about me and then I will have my side out there and they can flock off.”

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“Kyle [said] I was the catalyst that ripped her and Kim [Richards] apart. Yet I was at Monty [Brinson]’s memorial yesterday, and she was not there,” said Glanville. Brinson, Kim Richards’ ex-husband, died on Sunday, Jan. 24. Of his death, Glanville said, “I do want to say, rest in peace, Monty. He had a lovely service yesterday. He was loved by so many. I cried so much. Everyone in that room loved him a lot, and he will be missed.” Kyle Richards has denied the rumors that she and her family skipped Brinson’s memorial.

Glanville also set her sights on Lisa Vanderpump, with one of the worst/most creative nicknames we’ve heard for a real housewife. “Lisa Vanderc**t said that the problem with me is I wanted her all to myself and I didn’t want to be friends with anyone else, so I was ruining those relationships, because she’s such a prize and I needed to be with her and I couldn’t allow her to have other friends.”

She continued, “Truth be told is the bitch doesn’t like any of the other ladies at all. She really didn’t. She didn’t want to be friends with them, but she needed a sidekick, and that was me.” According to Us Weekly, Glanville will no longer be a full-time cast member for the upcoming season of RHOBH, but she’s “taped a few scenes” for the show. If this interview is any indication, those scenes are the ones to watch.

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