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Rob Kardashian’s new relationship is helping him reconnect with Kris Jenner

Rob Kardashian’s new romance has reportedly dramatically changed his life — and for the better.

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Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s romance reportedly caused controversy within his family, but a new report on the couple revealed that those reports may not be entirely true.

“Everything about him has changed,” a friend of Rob’s told Us Weekly. “She’s been so good for him. He says he can’t believe a girl this hot is into him.”

For the first time in months, Kardashian has been seen in public — most recently showing his support for Chyna during a sexy beach photo shoot for 138 Water — and it looks as though this new relationship may be just what Kardashian needed.

“He’s changed so much, that’s why he was able to talk to his mom,” the source added. “They reconnected and had a long talk. I think Kris is so happy he’s finally out of his shell, so if it took Blac Chyna to get him here, so be it.”

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Kardashian’s recent Instagram post seems to suggest the report is true, as he uploaded a photo of Kris Jenner’s hand along with the caption, “Hey pretty mama.”

Kardashian’s weight gain and deteriorating health (he was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes), has been tough on both him and his family, but he may finally be living his life again, with Chyna’s help.

Could Blac Chyna be the woman that Kardashian needs to give him back his confidence and help inspire change? Let us know your thoughts on the couple’s romance in the comments below.

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