Bristol Palin’s ex makes bold move in custody battle over their daughter

The birth of Bristol Palin’s second child, Sailor Grace, has attracted a lot of unwanted attention for the unwed mother, and the complications surrounding her daughter’s custody are only beginning.

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It was recently revealed that the father of Palin’s daughter was her ex-fiancé Dakota Meyer, who previously made a request for joint legal and physical custody of the newborn. And now, Meyer has taken another step to establish his legal obligations toward his daughter.

According to TMZ, Meyer has approached the family law judge and revealed exactly how much he can afford to pay in child support (before Palin has even requested child support). In legal documents obtained by the site, Meyer states that he makes “$100,000 a year working construction, and gets another $37k [$37,000] in disability from the Marine Corp.”

TMZ reports that under Alaskan law, Meyer’s income would see him pay Palin $1,754 a month in child support.

But why has he bothered to go to the court with this information so early on?

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It’s a smart move because Meyer is reportedly trying to avoid any conflict with Palin regarding his legal obligations and is “managing expectations” based on Palin’s previous custody battle with her ex, Levi Johnston (the father of her son, Tripp), in which he reportedly stated that her claims about his income were “widely inflated.”


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