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Marriage Boot Camp reveals the truth about Mama June’s rumored boyfriend

On Marriage Boot Camp, everyone is surprised by the results of Mama June and Sugar Bear’s lie detector tests. 

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Image: WE TV

Every fan of Marriage Boot Camp has a favorite counseling exercise. For some, it’s the sex puppets, for others, it’s the maudlin “So your loved one is dead and it’s too late to tell them you don’t hate them” open casket and/or hospital bed scenario. For me, it’s the Lie Detector exercise, during which the delicately constructed mountain of lies the couples have been telling their partners for the whole season, and probably their whole relationship, is destroyed by a guy with a fancy machine.

On the latest episode of Marriage Boot Camp, the time for lie detector tests finally arrived, although it was narrowly upstaged by this enormous bottle of ranch dressing that was on the table during lunch, when Sean pretended that he wouldn’t sleep with someone other than his wife for 10 million dollars. Perhaps the couple we’ve most anticipated in this exercise are Mama June and Sugar Bear (the issue of whether or not Sundy and Benzino actually had sex is also very compelling.) 

During the test, Mama June was asked if she’d ever cheated on Sugar Bear, and when the results came it, it turned out that she’s been telling the truth. When it was confirmed, the other couples cheered, because everyone loves her, and Mama June repeated, “Stop believing the media!” She later interviewed that she wasn’t worried about the test because she knew she’d been telling the truth the whole time.

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Sugar Bear, on the other hand, did not get applause from the others when he answered “yes” to Mama June’s question of whether or not there he’d cheated on her with more people than she already knew about. He was telling the truth. Sean pointed out that last week, when in chambers with Judge Toler, Sugar Bear claimed he was laying it all out, and there were no more secrets. Whoops. The stink eye given to him by Mama June was so epic, I could not possibly do it justice by attempting to describe it. Judge Toler gave Sugar Bear another chance to tell Mama June the truth, and he responded by very maturely throwing his hat on the floor and stomping out of the room.

I have no idea what it would be like to have your significant other cheat on you and lie to you about it on television multiple times, other than to assume that it probably sucks. Mama June has gone through so much humiliation on this show, and after tonight, we know she’s been nothing but truthful the entire time. It’s a good thing she and Sugar Bear (spoiler) aren’t together anymore in real life, because seriously, enough is enough.

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Were you surprised to learn that Sugar Bear lied again? Were you surprised that Mama June has been truthful all along? What are you looking forward to in next week’s season finale?

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