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Mob Wives‘ Angela Raiola’s reaction to her cancer is devastating

On Mob Wives, Big Ang’s worsening health injects some perspective into a season of messes. 

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Image: VH1

In the precious, shining, early days of Mob Wives, when we were still learning about the joy of accents and whose father/husband was in jail for what, Drita said something about how, if you’re from Staten Island, you know Big Ang. She threw the best parties, her bar, the Drunken Monkey, was one of the coolest spots in town and she treated her friends like family. We had five seasons of Big Ang being the peacemaker, the voice of reason, and the place where all the ridiculous drama stopped (well, except for that season when she and Renee were fighting and Victoria Gotti was called in to help). This season, though, things have gotten dark for Ang.

On Wednesday’s episode, Ang and her husband, Neil, sat down with Ang’s doctor to get her test results. To refresh you: Ang had surgery recently to remove a tumor from her throat, which turned out to be cancerous. There’s more bad news now — something is growing in Ang’s lungs, likely cancer that’s metastasized, and further surgery is necessary to deal with it. Upon hearing the news, Ang declared that she’d rather die than have more surgery. Neil and Ang’s doctor attempted to convince her that she needs to have the spot biopsied; it’s the only way she’s going to have a shot at really getting well. At the end of the episode, Ang sat down with Carla and Karen to tell them the news, and it was super emotional.

Twitter fans quickly rallied around her, because, well, no one doesn’t love Big Ang.

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The preview for next week’s episode indicates that there will be more Drita-focused drama, and the show this week was definitely not lacking in the usual gossip/physical altercation-based incidents we’ve come to expect from Mob Wives: Things picked up where they left off last week, with Brittany and Marissa fighting each other. Karen told Brittany that Drita is a manipulator and most certainly not her friend (yeah, so much for the resolution that was supposed to come with that sit-down). In other words, beside the fact that Ang is sick, things are normal and, frankly, it makes the show hard to watch. As a fan, one of the things I’ve long loved about it is obviously the drama, but now, with Ang, undeniably the heart of the whole thing, sick, watching people smack each other and shriek about loyalty is just wrong. I get that a reality show feeds on drama, but maybe it’s possible to pull back just a bit and rearrange things (like priorities) especially since it’s the last season. It would be terrible to see these ladies scratching and biting their way until the very end, especially when there’s such an important opportunity to come together.

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Are you sick of the drama? Do you want the ladies to pull it together for Ang? Tell us in the comments!

Image: Vh1

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