EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Ex-Isle‘s professional flirt makes things seriously awkward

A romantic getaway on a tropical island sounds enticing, but the new dating show, Ex-Isle, hosted by Carmen Electra, has one slightly disturbing component: Each romantic hopeful has an ex-mate joining them, possibly turning paradise into personal hell. Check out our exclusive clip.  

Though we don’t get to hear the advice resident relationship therapist Dr. Ish gives to the singles and their exes in this exclusive clip from the new reality dating show, we can be sure it won’t be followed. How do we know? Raging hormones, a chilled bottle of white wine and the need to exact revenge on their exes are all powerful factors for these lonely contestants to contend with. After all, who wouldn’t want to prove to your ex that you’re better than them by hooking up with a new, more impressive person?

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One couple however, Sean and Brittane, seems to have its stars crossed from the very start. Each female contestant has a hand-painted sign at the date location, describing three aspects of her personality. Brittane’s sign says, “Works two jobs/Traditional values/Professional Flirt.” Though polite, Sean seems to want nothing to do with her.

Brittane asks how Sean came to choose her for his date. Sean tells her, “I kind of won your sign here by default. I wasn’t actually going for it.”

Britanne doesn’t hold anything back in her reply of: “That sucks.”

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It seems there’s one thing on Brittane’s sign Sean doesn’t understand: the meaning of “professional flirt.” So he does what any inquiring mind would do and asks her. Her answer is simple enough, “I flirt a lot,” says Brittane.

But Sean still can’t understand and asks if she flirts, “professionally.” Does this mean he thinks she’s some kind of lady of the night who gets paid for romance?

Luckily, Brittany spells it out for Sean, saying, “It’s not a job,” and that she doesn’t get paid for flirting. He finally seems to understand.

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Good luck, Sean, on this date and any other that may come your way.

Ex-Isle, hosted by Carmen Electra, premieres tonight, Friday, Feb. 5, at 10/9c on WEtv.