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Charlie Sheen tweets about arthritic goat milk HIV therapy

Charlie Sheen is hitting out at a doctor who claimed he cured the actor of HIV, but it sounds like he’s focusing on the wrong issue entirely.

After Sheen revealed to Dr. Oz that he had gone off his HIV medication in favor of an unheard of treatment that promised to cure him of the disease, a blood test proved it was having the opposite effect. Dr. Samir Chachoua defended himself on Real Time with Bill Maher, explaining his method — and Sheen hit out at him on Twitter. But Sheen’s stated concern seems to be pretty far off from what you’d think it would actually be.

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Chachoua explained his “treatment” to Maher, saying that he uses the milk of arthritic goats as medicine for his HIV patients, claiming his cure comes from the caprine arthritis encephalitis virus contained within.

“This virus destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life,” he claimed. “I’ve cured countries!”

He did not specify which countries in particular he has cured.

Chachoua’s claims were specifically disproven in Sheen’s case aftet tests by Dr. Oz proved his viral load — which had been undetectable using traditional antiviral therapy — went back up after dumping it in favor of arthritic goat milk, and he certainly was not cured.

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Now, after Chachoua’s interview, Sheen is rebuking him — but instead of focusing on the fact that he treated him with arthritic goat milk, he’s fixated on the fact that the doctor is only licensed to practice in Mexico, not the United States.

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Chachoua responded with confusion and defended himself on his brand new Twitter account.

Sheen has presumably returned to his medical drug regimen.

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