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Nikki Bella hints at possible proposal from John Cena in new interview (VIDEO)

Nikki Bella is going to return to the WWE ring soon, and fans want her to be wearing an engagement ring.

In an interview about the wrestler’s health with — she recently had neck surgery for a herniated disk caused by her signature wrestling move, the “Rack Attack” — it didn’t take long for the conversation to stray to Bella’s relationship status with fellow wrestler, John Cena. The pair have been dating since 2011, and fans are rabid for an engagement.

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Bella teased an engagement, sharing her fantasy proposal: “If he has asked me this season, which you have to watch, I wouldn’t wear it [engagement ring] until it airs. If he has. If it’s true. My dream would be in Napa Valley, in a vineyard, at one of our favorite vineyards, too, with no one around, just us. Say some amazing things to me, too, make me cry a little bit. Yeah.”

Watch the full video below.

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In an interview with E! Online, Bella chatted about the couple’s relationship strategy.

“We do date night every week and we always dress up for each other. He always puts on a suit, I put on a nice dress, and we’ll go to a nice dinner,” she said.

The pair also have the much-coveted “no cellphone” rule when they’re together. “No cellphones. We’ll just have a bottle of wine and talk about our week. We sit there and communicate, and it’s like falling in love all over again every week.”

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