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Beautiful photograph of Emma Watson is not what it seems (PHOTO)

We’ve probably never seen a bad photo of Emma Watson, and the latest one to pop up on our news feeds is no less striking than any of the others. She’s luminous, stunning and incredibly photogenic.

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Except she’s actually not photogenic at all in this image — because it’s not a photograph.

Hard to believe, but it’s actually an extremely realistic painting courtesy of Watson superfan student Nehaal Gonsalves.

Gonsalves posted the results of his hard work on his Facebook page, saying he “made an attempt to make this as real as possible, because after all she is perfection.

“First piece of the year, my mind is numb from what a challenge it was to detail this beautiful beast.”

Gonsalves also shared a video revealing the secrets behind his unbelievably lifelike portrait of the actress — and to be honest, if it wasn’t for this, we’d have a hard time accepting it’s not a photograph, because it’s crazy realistic.

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Gonsalves expressed his hope that his work of art reaches Watson, and we’d say it has a pretty good chance — partly due to the amount of attention it’s received online, but mainly because it’s just so incredible.

Emma Watson photograph isn't what it seems
Image: Nehaal Gonsalves

He also has amazing artwork of other celebrities on his Facebook page, including Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Cara Delevingne, Benedict Cumberbatch and Anne Hathaway .

But it’s clear Watson is his favourite. “[I’m] absolutely crazy about this beautiful person and everything she does,” he wrote.

Emma Watson portrait
Image: Nehaal Gonsalves

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