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Teresa Giudice is officially able to close a ‘dark chapter’ in her life

Teresa Giudice no doubt has a massive smile on her face today because she’s starting a new chapter in her life, free from legal woes.

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Giudice’s lawyer James Leonard has confirmed to People magazine that her house arrest is officially over.

“Effective this morning, Teresa is no longer subject to the parameters of home confinement. She is now free in all aspects from the custodial portion of her sentence,” Leonard told the publication in an exclusive statement. “The restitution has been paid in full and what remains is a two-year period of supervised release, the terms of which we will remain in full compliance with.”

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This is an exciting time in Giudice’s life because she finally has the freedom to do what she wants when she wants. It also marks the end of a chapter, one that she is reportedly looking forward to moving on from.

“Teresa is very much looking forward to closing this dark chapter in her life and moving forward both personally and professionally,” Leonard added in his statement.

Giudice will now be able to enjoy outings with her husband, Joe, and their four daughters before Joe starts his own jail stint in March of this year.

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Are you happy that Teresa Giudice’s jail sentence is finally over? Do you think the public will be seeing a lot more of her now that she is officially free? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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