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Drama between Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and her ex, Nathan Griffith continues

In the past, Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has had multiple run-ins with the law, but recently, it’s her ex, Nathan Griffith, who has found himself in trouble.

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According to Radar Online, Griffith made the decision to turn himself into the police on Wednesday, Feb. 3, in connection with a larceny charge that Evans reportedly filed against him on Jan. 24.

“Nathan turned himself in on the warrant that was issued for misdemeanor larceny,” his criminal attorney Megan Milliken told the publication.

The lieutenant of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the news, saying that Griffith “came in at about 10 AM [yesterday]. He did come with his attorney.”

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Griffith’s lawyer shed more light on his case, revealing that he did not have to remain in custody but rather “was given an unsecured bond and what that means is that he did not have to ‘put up’ any money; instead, he was only required to promise to attend all of his court dates.”

“He’s not being held,” Lt. Brewer confirmed. “He didn’t get a bond. Technically, he was taken into custody to go in front of the magistrate, but the magistrate just made him sign a promissory note.”

Brewer added, “He’s out and about. He was taken in front of the magistrate, but that in custody time was probably about three minutes.”

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Evans and Griffith have had their fair share of disputes as a couple, but their drama has continued even after their split. The former couple recently made headlines again after Evans pressed charges against Griffith for allegedly taking her car.

She’s since bought a new one.

“North Carolina is one of just a few jurisdictions in the United States where a private citizen can go to a magistrate and obtain a warrant on another private citizen,” Milliken told Radar Online. “That is what happened in this case.”

“Ms. Evans, after speaking to law enforcement, then went to the New Hanover County Magistrate’s office and swore out a warrant,” she revealed. “What that means is that law enforcement did not issue this warrant. This was something that Jenelle Evans did on her own initiative.”

According to the publication, Griffith’s lawyer revealed that his court date is set for March 7.

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