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Teen Mom 2‘s Adam Lind inappropriately exposed by ex-girlfriend

Teen Momstar Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind isn’t too happy after his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Nicole, decided to make a private pic public.

Lind’s ex-girlfriend posted something on Instagram Wednesday afternoon that we honestly did not need to see: a scandalous photo of the former couple getting down and dirty in bed.

Teen Mom fans instantly freaked out, thinking the pair who split during summer 2014 were back together, meaning Adam had dumped his current girlfriend, Stasia Huber.

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But it appears the snap was just a throwback pic Nicole decided to post for kicks… and maybe a little pot stirring.

“Jessica jokingly sent Adam the photo and teased him about posting it,” a source told Radar Online. “As a joke, he told her to do it, not thinking she would. But then she did!”

It seems Nicole thought posting the pic of Lind biting her bare bum would be funny, but Lind reportedly didn’t think so. He was “really mad” that Nicole took the private pic public. But honestly, who wouldn’t be?!

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The source says Lind told Nicole to delete the NSFW photo and she did. The raunchy pic was only online for a few minutes, but thanks to screenshots, you can view it here. (If you really want to…)

The source pointed out that the photo was probably taken a couple of years ago, because Lind has since gotten tattoos on his fingers, which are not in the picture. Tip for Nicole: If you’re going to post a sly throwback photo with an ex, at least do it on a Thursday.

This photo comes at what’s likely not the best time for Lind. The personal trainer is still fighting to regain custody of his daughter with Houska, 6-year-old Aubree.

“He thought it would make him look bad,” the insider said. “He has worked hard to stabilize his life.”

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However, things are reportedly going well for Lind and his current girlfriend Huber. Sources say the couple are still going strong, as they just moved in to Lind’s new South Dakota home and bought a dog together.

How would you feel if an ex publicly posted an old intimate photo on social media? Let us know in the comments section below.

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