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Madonna furious over Guy Ritchie’s latest ploy to keep their son

Madonna will have to wait longer than she hoped for resolution in her custody battle over Rocco, and Guy Ritchie is pulling some big punches to stay on their son’s good side.

A custody hearing was scheduled in New York today, but it was postponed for an undisclosed reason. It is just as well, because Madonna might need some time to counteract Richie’s influence on the teen.

Madonna has always said she is a stern disciplinarian and holds her children to high and rigid standards. Turns out, Richie is the exact opposite, and she believes he is using this to turn Rocco against her.

It’s really horrible,” says a source close Madonna told Us Weekly. “She feels incredibly hurt.”

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“Madonna thinks Guy is turning her son against her,” the insider said, claiming Ritchie badmouths Madonna in front of their son. “He’s telling Rocco he should stay with him. It seems like he’s trying to brainwash the kid.”

The source said Madonna believes that Richie is tempting Rocco with a rules-free lifestyle, in stark contrast to her strict household. The biggest point of contention? Ritchie is not making Rocco study for his high school qualification exams coming up in May, and he is homeschooling him instead.

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“Madonna wants him to do those exams,” the source revealed. “Madonna thinks Guy has pretty much told Rocco that if he wants out of education, he can quit now.”

“You can’t blame him for wanting to live with someone who will let him run wild.”

Ritchie himself has said he doesn’t believe kids should go to school. Back in 2011 he told Details, “I am anti-school. And I am anti people putting so much pressure on kids and robbing their childhood by giving them so much homework. I think if kids want to arse around, then they should.”

No word yet on when their hearing has been rescheduled.

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