Ariel Winter channels Beyoncé for her super-sexy birthday outfit (PHOTO)

Feb 4, 2016 at 5:58 p.m. ET
Image: Guillermo Proano/

Ariel Winter knows how to party!

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And to ring in her 18th birthday the right way, Winter donned an absolutely jaw-dropping ensemble that looked just like something Beyoncé would wear for a night on the town.

Winter, who stars in the hit sitcom Modern Family, celebrated her birthday on Jan. 28 by partying in the black-and-gold bedazzled jumpsuit from designer Charbel Zoe. She posted a photo of the bodysuit, paired with a pair of sky-high black peep-toe stilettos, to her Instagram, captioned, "birthday outfit #charbelzoe."


Fans who follow Winter and saw the pic were as impressed with her getup as we were. "Ariel you’re a role model to many young women & you’re beautiful," one said. Another wrote, "Simply irresistible." We couldn't agree more.

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While Winter didn't say too much about her night out, we assume she had a great time looking completely fab and ringing in her legal adulthood, even though she's been emancipated from her parents since she was 17.

The birthday ensemble Winter chose was just one in a parade of jaw-dropping outfits she's been rocking ever since she had breast reduction surgery last summer, allowing her to expand her wardrobe horizons.

"I’m just excited to try on all the dresses! Now I can wear all styles of dresses and all styles of things," she admitted to Glamour magazine at the time. "I don’t always have to pick the tightest, most formfitting dress I can find. I can pick something else and still feel good about myself. I couldn’t do that before. I’m excited to finally actually feel confident and not just appear confident."

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