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The Bachelor teaser hints at a second villain who’s worse than Olivia (VIDEO)

The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins may be a really nice guy, but some of the women competing for his heart are a little more, shall we say… manipulative?

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In a teaser for Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, we see Higgins pull aside Olivia Caridi for a little conversation; she’s been making enemies among the other girls thanks to her manipulative behavior and snide comments, and some of the other ladies even felt so strongly about her that they decided to share their true feelings about her with Higgins.

But just when you think things are going down with Caridi and Higgins, (one woman even exclaims, “She’s going down,”) something completely unexpected happens.

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The video claims that the upcoming episode will be “The! Most! Dramatic! Ever!” and it certainly looks like it’s going to be, because you can see all the women crying and Higgins questioning everything, as the teaser reveals that one of “these women is worse” than Caridi. Sorry, but what just happened?

“What if all of this is for nothing?” Higgins exclaims on the video, which pans to him looking pensive as he stands alone on a cliff.

So, who is this villain that none of us expected? And what did she do that was so bad it’s left everyone completely blindsided and so emotional? Seriously, we need to see what went down, like now.

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Do you have any suggestions as to who committed the betrayal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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