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Sofía Vergara opens up about having babies with Joe Manganiello

Sofía Vergara isn’t holding anything back.

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In an incredibly candid new interview with The Edit magazine, Modern Family actress Vergara opened up about her massive boobs, her aging body and what the future holds for her and her new hubby Joe Manganiello, including whether a second baby is in the cards for the couple.

I wouldn’t mind another child,” she shared. “My husband is younger than me and he wants kids, so we’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do. The idea of doing it all again doesn’t scare me but, hey, it’s not like it’s going to happen naturally, is it?”

Speaking of natural, Vergara mentioned how her huge boobs are likely to need surgery soon.

“People will often say that I wear the same thing on the red carpet, but I know my body: it’s very voluptuous and I’ve got the boobs of a stripper,” she said. “They’re a 32DDD and because they’re real, they’re everywhere, so I need my dresses to have structure — and under-armor. There is so much going on under my dresses that I bleed at the end of award ceremonies.”

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She continued, “In 10 years, I think it would be good to have a reduction. I don’t think it’s even going to be an option not to, because I’m going to start having back pains. I wouldn’t make them too small — just enough that I don’t end up looking like an old stripper.”

Though we can’t imagine Vergara aging in any way other than gracefully, she doesn’t seem to agree.

“Watching myself age on screen is awful!” she said. “There is nothing more disturbing than watching an episode of Modern Family from the first season, then one from seven years later, but what can I do?”

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