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Bringing Up Bates first kiss overshadowed by even sweeter moment

Sure Michaela and Brandon’s wedding tonight on Bringing Up Bates featured a long-awaited kiss, but there was so much more, too. That kiss was overshadowed by some even more intimate moments.

And I don’t mean sexually intimate. That’s for them in their own time. I mean the subtle conversations as they waited to become man and wife. And the perfect time they spent together right after they said “I do.”

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“I’m so happy,” Michaela told her dad before she walked down the aisle.

And that’s where I grabbed for the tissues. She’s all excited smiles and quiet confidence.

You could tell that the two of them were just trying to take in and enjoy every second. From the moment Brandon first sees Michaela and when they hold hands and say their vows, to the time where he scoops her into a romantic kiss after Michaela’s dad gives her one final peck on the cheek: it makes the whole thing just #goals.

And while all the moments before and during the wedding were very romantic, to be sure, the most meaningful scene was the time the two spend together right after they became man and wife.

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They just held each other. It wasn’t about kissing, since they finally could, but rather about just being in the moment together soaking it all in.

“Doesn’t seem real,” Michaela told Brandon as they had their private time together. (Sans the camera. But you could tell they were trying to be sneaky and respectful about it since the frame wasn’t quite perfect.)

“If this is a dream, don’t wake me up,” Brandon replied.

“It’s everything I ever dreamed of,” Michaela added.

Ya, OK, super cheesy. But cheesy like a Nicholas Sparks’ movie that still has you bawling at the end.

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Michaela and Brandon couldn’t seem to stop holding on to one another, both clearly caught up in the wedding bliss as they cut the cake and took photos.

Of course, we really can’t wait to see what happened after they drove off in that car together. I know the two of them are off to start their life together in Chicago and the wedding romance was enough to get us started, but I really want to know what the rest of their love story holds. So the show better have them making some special appearances in the very near future.

What did you think was the most romantic part of Michaela and Brandon’s wedding?

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