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Matt LeBlanc will have big shoes to fill in his new role as Top Gear host

Matt LeBlanc, the actor best known for his role as Joey in the hilarious sitcom Friends, has just been announced as the new Top Gear host, and many people did not see this coming.

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Top Gear was thrilled with its new host — who, alongside radio host Chris Evans, will be replacing Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond — and took to Twitter to share the announcement.

But many fans of the longstanding BBC show are unsure about the choice of host (he will also be the first non-British host on the show).

But Joey was so in love with Porsche!

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Granted, LeBlanc is going to have some big shoes to fill, and it’s hard to imagine anyone other than the famous trio that Top Gear fans know and love, but LeBlanc does love cars, and he’s also pretty hilarious. He’s also appeared on the show twice as a guest, and according to USA Today, he has bragging rights for being the “fastest star to race around the track in a reasonably priced car.”

And some people are willing to give him a chance.

Plus at least one person is really excited about the news — LeBlanc!

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“As a car nut and a massive fan of Top Gear, I’m honoured and excited to be a part of this iconic show’s new chapter,” he said in a statement. “What a thrill!”

Are you happy with the announcement? Do you think Matt LeBlanc will make a great host? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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