Brielle Biermann’s bikini pic has sparked unfair criticism of her lifestyle

Kim Zolciak’s daughter Brielle Biermann is living the dream.

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On Wednesday, Biermann made us all extremely jealous when she took to Instagram to post two pictures of herself enjoying the sunshine and flaunting her curves in a pretty green Agent Provocateur bikini (which pretty much everyone is obsessed with, as evidenced by the comments on the post).

Biermann is beautiful, and really, there’s nothing wrong with the fact that she is posing in a bikini on Instagram — because what celebrity do you know that hasn’t? The annoying thing about the post is that she has been the victim of unnecessary bullying.

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Comments on the picture include, “Must be nice to have zero responsibilities,” “Why isn’t anyone else there? Oh wait. Most people lead productive lives,” and “spoiled rotten, poor Kroy will be broke soon!!!”

Marydklug also commented about Biermann’s lifestyle, writing, “Get a life– like going to college or get a job.” And karenvanderhoff criticized her pose. She wrote, “Try posing without the pouty lips in EVERY picture. Boring!”

Really, with all the time and energy it takes to hate on someone, we could be using that for good, uplifting and supporting other women and complimenting and encouraging them, instead of sending hateful messages and promoting negativity — and we aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

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“Don’t let these people bother you girl!! You keep living your life! They are all just jealous of how God has blessed your family @briellebiermann,” commenter ansliiii_ wrote.

Kmo679 agreed, writing, “Sad and mean people can’t handle when someone is happy and loving life!!! Take all the hate as a compliment that they wish they were as happy as you!!! You’re beautiful!”

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