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Duck Dynasty guys get girlier than they ever have before

The boys from Louisiana get in touch with their feminine side in the latest Duck Dynasty episode. The Robertson clan put together a charity event to raise awareness for injured vets, and it was seriously funny. 

It’s hard to believe that anything would convince the Duck Dynasty stars to wear tutus on national television, but that’s exactly what happened on last night’s episode.

The family decided together to host the first Duck and Color Run to raise awareness for charity, but they couldn’t figure out exactly which one to donate their time to. Then they met Christian and Mark, two Marine Corps vets who were seriously injured while serving overseas.

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Both men were told they would be visiting the Duck Commander Headquarters, but when they arrived, they were greeted by the whole Robertson clan. After chatting for a bit (and receiving an exclusive prototype of a brand new duck call), the boys went out to do what they do best: hunt and fish.

The quiet fishing trip quickly turned into a competition for reeling in the biggest fish. The losing team would have to wear tutus as their Duck and Color Run outfit the following day. Surprisingly, the Robertson men agreed to the terms suggested by Christian. Maybe that’s progress for their ultraconservative mind-set?

Probably not. But it did make for some good TV.

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The most touching moment of the show, however, was when the family brought out Marcus Luttrell, the Marine who inspired the Mark Wahlberg movie Lone Survivor. Both Mark and Christian were beside themselves with excitement over the whole weekend.

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Even if the episode did get a little preachy, it was touching to see how patriotic and generous the family was to our veterans. And if nothing else, now we know all it takes is a Color Run to get the Robertson men to embrace their girlie tendencies.

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