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Selena Gomez is ‘unrecognizable’ on her new W Magazine cover (PHOTO)

W Magazine released the cover of its March issue featuring Selena Gomez on Wednesday via Instagram, and fans were not happy it. Of course, her loyal Selenators were there calling her beautiful and stunning, but many others thought she was “unrecognizable.”

It’s widely known that the comments section on Instagram can be full of mixed reactions at best (and illogical, hateful nonsense at its worst), and lately the commenters have been focused on Selena Gomez.

While most wondered why even put Gomez on the cover if no one would be able to tell it was her, one fan had a more.. .direct question. She wants to know, “What’s with all the derpy expressions?”

Gomez almost certainly didn’t have anything to do with the direction of the cover herself, but it didn’t stop the haters from blaming her for heavy filter use and strange angles that “made her lips look weird.” No word yet on how lips can look weird, but I’ll keep you posted if I find any answers.

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Earlier this year, Gomez had to shut down fat-shamers who hated on her bikini picture — apparently, her weight fluctuated a little, and it was their duty to point it out. But when W Magazine posted the cover shot to their Instagram, everything from her body to her face to her style was attacked.

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It is pretty discouraging to see so much hate on Gomez or anyone who is pushing some artistic boundaries, but it does make for some interesting reading at the very least!

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What do you think? Was Selena Gomez’s W Magazine cover shoot cool or weird?

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