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Why Supernatural‘s Claire and Alex are the next Sam and Dean

As much as I’ve been enjoying The Darkness, Amara and Castiel as Lucifer story line, Wednesday’s Supernatural was a nice break from the heaviness Sam and Dean have been dealing with this season. Plus, how can you go wrong when an episode revolves around Sheriff Jody Mills, Claire Novak and Alex? It’s always nice to see a few familiar faces.

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While visiting Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sam and Dean not only had to figure out a vampire mystery, but were also in for a real treat at the home of Jody, Claire and Alex. Basically, Sam and Dean are equipped to stop the world from ending, but when it comes to handling teenagers and talking about birth control, yeah, not so much.

The dinner conversation made for one awkward moment, but also a hilarious one thanks to Sam and Dean’s facial expressions. Also, watching the Winchester brothers chow down on Jody’s home-cooked meal was something I never knew I wanted to see. There’s no doubt they can eat, especially Dean, but they only ever consume takeout, so something homemade definitely hit the spot.

Sam and Dean
Image: Tumblr

During their trip, it was also nice to see Claire and Alex in action, since fans haven’t seen them in a while. They both have grown up and are coming into their own, not to mention giving Sam and Dean some serious competition in the sibling department. Despite not being related by blood and being taken in by Jody, they still act like sisters.

Actually, Claire and Alex have a lot in common with Sam and Dean. Maybe whenever the brothers decide to hang up their hunting blades, Claire and Alex will step into their place as the next beloved and memorable sibling duo. That said, here are a few ways Claire and Alex are just like Sam and Dean.

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Dean and Claire
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1. They protect one another

At first they didn’t appear to get along like typical siblings, but at the end when both needed saving, they stepped up to the plate to protect each other from two ruthless vampires. That’s what true sisters do. When don’t Sam and Dean protect one another (save for that time Sam didn’t have a soul)?

2. They’re selfless

Alex was able and willing to give up her life to protect Claire and Jody. As for Claire, she was risking her life to figure out why people were going missing in her town. When it comes to doing the right thing, Claire and Alex aren’t strangers. Granted, Sam’s been more selfish than Dean, but they’ve both been extremely selfless at times.

3. They depend on family

Even though they aren’t a “traditional” family, they depend on each other just like Sam and Dean do every time they go hunting.

4. They argue and rat on each other

During that awkward dinner scene, Claire and Alex definitely acted like true siblings. Their tension was on point. Not to mention, Claire revealed Alex’s secret plan to go away with her boyfriend. Yeah, that sure sounds like something Sam and Dean would do.

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Image: Tumblr

5. They’re confused about life

As young women, both Alex and Claire are still trying to figure out their complicated lives. So far, they haven’t lived so-called normal lives, which hasn’t been easy. Thankfully, Jody is there to guide them along the way. Maybe Jody could give Sam and Dean some advice to help them comb through the knots that come with their lives as hunters.

6. They have a loving mother

Anyone else think Jody is just like Mary? She would do anything for Alex and Claire.

7. They fight for what they want

There’s no doubt Alex is a hardworking student who isn’t going to give up on her dreams. I mean, after being attacked by vampires, Alex was ready to go back to class. As for Claire, there’s no way she is going to give up on a hunting career. Does that sound like Sam and Dean or what?

8. One wants to be a hunter, the other doesn’t

Funnily enough, Claire resembles Dean in the sense that she fully embraces the hunter life. Alex, on the other hand, channels Sam in the sense that she doesn’t want to be a hunter and would rather focus on her education.

Alex and Claire = Sam and Dean.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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