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‘Guilt Arrow’ and 10 other totally appropriate nicknames for Oliver

We know he’s a badass. We know he’s a survivor. We know he’s a master with a bow. But what about Arrow’s other hidden talents and the hilarious nicknames that could go with them?

Guilt Arrow

Diggle (David Ramsey) started out the latest episode by accusing his fellow superhero of blaming himself for everything, and the fandom erupted with agreement. Seriously, how many times have we seen Oliver (Stephen Amell) take on the problems of the world? Even Roy (Colton Haynes), who came back for a surprise visit to work with the old gang, noticed it.

Angry Arrow

The best thing about Oliver’s anger is that it’s not always something he declares with a scream. When he growls in that low way he does, the way that lets the bad guys (or an unfortunate friend) know that he is done being Mr. Nice Guy… that’s enough to give us the shivers.

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Loving Arrow

It would be a riot to see Oliver Queen renamed Loving Arrow. After all, he is always there to support Felicity when she needs it. Our hearts melt every time they share one of those lovely moments they have, like when they just squeeze each other’s arms without missing a beat talking about superhero business.

Mayor Arrow

We have to admit that we almost forgot that Oliver had another job over running around in tight leather. He’s had to make some tough choices recently, but the man is still mayor. Can you imagine what would happen if the entire city knew that they didn’t just have a mayor, they had Mayor Arrow?

Happy Arrow

Admittedly, this talent doesn’t show itself often, but when it does, it is spectacular. One example? The smile Ollie flashed when Roy made it out of the warehouse before it exploded and declared being back on the team was like riding a bike. Running around with a name like Happy Arrow might not make him as frightening to his enemies, though, so he might not want to keep that one.

Brooding Arrow

This one is fitting for the guy who can turn on the fandom with a frown as much as a smile. He employs this talent nearly every episode and yet we never grow tired of it. We almost wish the poor guy would be put through more hardship just so we can see that brooding look of his.

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Chef Arrow

This nickname is hilarious because it actually kind of works. Can’t you just see a TV show called “Chef Arrow”? The guy who is gifted at killing bad guys is also proficient with a slow-cooker and can grill up salmon as handily as he climbs up a salmon ladder.

Heartbreaking Arrow

He earns this nickname each and every time we have to watch him go through the loss of one of his loved ones. Or, as he did in the latest episode, begging one of them to keep fighting for their life. His tears are our tears.

Snarky Arrow

Almost as elusive as Happy Arrow, Snarky Arrow is also a rarely seen skill from Oliver. But when he busts out some of that sarcasm that only Oliver can deliver, it sends us over the edge. Oliver gives us a bigger case of the giggles with a one-liner than he would if he launched into a full-on stand-up routine.

Mercy Arrow

Again, a name like that wouldn’t exactly have the bad guys running from him in terror, but Mercy Arrow still has quite a ring to it. Oliver may be a cold-blooded killer when he needs to be, but he doesn’t always kill if he doesn’t have to. Sometimes he just shoots long-lost friends with tranquilizer darts so he can free them from a madman controlling their every move.

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Shirtless Arrow

The nickname is awesome and Oliver’s shirtlessness is a talent. You know it. We know it. That is all.

What other talents/nicknames do you think Oliver should have on Arrow?

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