Teresa Giudice’s former cellmate gives scary warning about her memoir

Could prison soon become the least of Teresa Giudice’s worries?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Giudice plans to capitalize on the time she was forced to spend behind bars by releasing a tell-all memoir about the experience. The book, titled Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, is set for a release next week. But could the book get her into more trouble than her fraud and conspiracy charges ever did?

According to Giudice’s former cellmate, Deseree Bradshaw, that may be the case. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Bradshaw revealed why releasing the memoir could land Giudice in more trouble than she’s ever been in before.

She’s going to have enemies for talking about that,” Bradshaw revealed, referencing passages in the book in which Giudice describes sexual relationships that occurred between inmates in the all-women prison, even going so far as to reveal that her own cell was nicknamed the “Boom Boom Room” because it was where inmates hooked up.

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“A lot of women have husbands and boyfriends on the outside, and they don’t want what they did on the inside to get out. It’s not right,” Bradshaw continued. “People don’t like being talked about. Even if she doesn’t name names, we’ll know who she’s talking about, and those people will be upset.”

According to former inmate and prison consultant Larry Levine, Bradshaw’s warning could be legitimate.

“If she names names or even so much as provides any identifying features about the women, there’s no saying what could happen to her,” Levine explained to In Touch. “They have friends on the outside who could threaten her, harass her, attack her or, worse, put a bullet in her head.”

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