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Farrah Abraham takes the high road after her Bachelor diss

Farrah Abraham is used to reality TV drama — but this time, it wasn’t even her show.

On Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, Amanda Stanton shared her custody problems with her fellow competitors. Olivia Caridi, this season’s mean girl, said Stanton’s life sounded like “an episode of Teen Mom.” She meant it as an insult, of course.

“God, that is the most offensive thing in the world,” said contestant Emily Ferguson in a confessional. Us Weekly asked Farrah Abraham to weigh in.

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“Now you can see why it’s offensive of others to judge someone’s parenting drama no matter what age, Abraham fired back in a comment to the mag. “The women on The Bachelor got a dose of the Teen Mom bad stigma.”

“If you are dealing with Teen Mom–like issues with custody and such, maybe it’s best to not go on a show looking for a new man like on The Bachelor. Olivia Caridi had a point.”

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Abraham, however, took the high road despite the insult, saying, “I am older than most of these women on Bachelor, with my life together and organized.” She continued, “Maybe as women we can all agree — no matter how old, how many difficulties life throws at us, as parents or not — to support one another and hope for the best. Good luck, ladies! And may the best woman win Ben’s heart!”

Watch the full video here.

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