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Caitlyn Jenner discusses her previous experience with white male privilege

On Tuesday, Caitlyn Jenner was involved in an on-stage Q-and-A as part of the 2016 Makers Conference, held at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, in which she addressed everything from Kim Kardashian’s fashion sense to her proudest moments in life.

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But perhaps most notably is the part when she addressed a question about having experienced white male privilege for the majority of her life. Speaking to Michelle Kydd Lee, Jenner revealed what she has learned about white male privilege, as a woman.

“This is how I feel on that,” she began. “You’re probably talking to the wrong person on that because down deep inside I was always a trans woman, I never really identified myself as being this white male privilege person.”

“But the public put me into that category, and I did learn a lot about it. And what I learned was, you know what, when I look at women, then and now, honestly… I feel down deep in my soul that women are so much more powerful than men ever could be.”

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She continued, “They have to learn how to play the game, how to work it. But the power they have over men, and the power that they have in the business world, I think is totally untapped. I think it’s out there, I think the world is out there for women; if they’re strong.”

Jenner then revealed the powerful impact the women in her own life have had on who she is today.

“I have always been with women; I’ve always been attracted to very strong women,” she said. “Because I have always appreciated their strength and most of them really knew how to kind of play the game to be able to get what they want — Kris [Jenner], to be honest with you, was brilliant at it. She was so good.”

Caitlyn then shared a life lesson she learned from Kris, saying, “I remember one time when she said, ‘If you’re in negotiations with somebody, and they say no, you just have to in your head think you know what, you’re just talking to the wrong person.'”

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During the 22 minutes and 36 seconds that Jenner was on stage, she struggled to find time to talk about everything she wanted to address but described taking part in the conference as one of the “high points” of her journey.

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