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Pretty Little Liars‘ male characters have all taken a turn for the creepy

First Ezra and now Byron? Since when did Pretty Little Liars‘ guys become such weirdos?

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Apparently that time jump hasn’t done the guys of Rosewood much good. Aside from Byron and Ezra (Ian Harding), who are starting out the season at the top of CeCe’s killer suspect list, Toby, Caleb and even some creepy old guy in a mask are all making us kind of uncomfortable.

Last episode, I was totally jumping on board the whole Caleb and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) ship — officially dubbed “Spaleb” because “Cancer” just would have been wrong — but now it just feels weird. They just jumped right into that relationship with the two of them in bed because they’re “adults” now. And then to top it off they threw Toby back into the fold. And he’s building some house for another girl — what?! — but still harboring some weird feelings for Spencer.

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I keep waiting for that scene that we saw from the promo at the beginning of this season. The one where Toby punches Caleb. When is that going to happen? Because clearly the bromance is going downhill just as quickly as our favorite ships.

In all fairness, I really don’t think Byron or Ezra really had anything to do with CeCe’s murder. And there is no way they are “B.” Maybe the two of them just have some plot behind Aria’s back to get her to fall in love with Ezra again? Ha! Kidding. Sort of. I do, in fact, think they are covering for someone else. And we know Byron is far from an innocent guy.

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Plus, the girls really were the targets the last time around. First Mona was A, then CeCe was Big A. Maybe it should be a dude this time around. Even though I’m all for the Liars finally actually getting in on the “B” dirt.

What do you think Byron and Ezra’s real intentions are this season? Which guy do you think has become the creepiest in the time jump?

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