Little Women: Atlanta: 5 Things to expect from Season 1

Feb 3, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

Is the Little Women franchise becoming Lifetime's version of the Real Housewives? It certainly seems so, as the franchise is about to debut Little Women: Atlanta! Numerous surprises are in store for Little Women fans, including the following:

1. Identical twins taking over the Atlanta club scene

Amanda and Andrea Salinas are unique in more ways than one. The identical twins have remained in the comfort of their parents' home until recently, but now, they are ready to take on the ATL's crazy club scene. Their adventures away from home will be followed in great detail on Little Women: Atlanta. Viewers will quickly realize that, although their appearances may be similar, the two have wildly different personalities.

2. A secret pregnancy

One of the cast members is the proud mom of an adorable toddler, and now, another one of Atlanta's Little Women is about to welcome a little bundle of joy into the world. She's navigating her pregnancy with plenty of humor; in the preview for the first season, when asked if she's had any problems thus far, she admits (with a smile on her face) that her boobs are bigger.

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3.. Brandi Glanville-style drink tossing

This may not be Little Women: Beverly Hills, but the tossing of alcoholic beverages will rival that of Real Housewives staple Brandi Glanville. When they're not throwing drinks in the faces of their fellow cast members, the gals will be downing booze like there's no tomorrow.

4. Hard-core brawls

The fights featured on the other Little Women series pale in comparison to the knockdown skirmishes of Little Women: Atlanta. Pushing, hair pulling... it'll all be included in the show's first season. There will also be plenty of swearing. These gals aren't afraid to cuss each other out!

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5. Bonding over shared hardships

They might get into huge fights, but when it comes down to it, the Little Women of Atlanta only want the best for one another. They all share similar challenges, including frequently feeling like they are complete outcasts. This gives them a sense of mutual understanding and a very strong bond. In addition to discussing the difficulties they share as little people, they will also support each other as they deal with family drama and relationship issues.

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There will certainly be no shortage of excitement on Atlanta's answer to Little Women: LA.Tune in to Lifetime on Wednesdays at 10/9c for new episodes of Little Women: Atlanta.

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