Dance Moms shows the ALDC doesn't need Abby Lee Miller

Feb 3, 2016 at 2:14 a.m. ET
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With Abby Lee Miller out of the picture and a whole new batch of dancers adjusting to the ALDC, there was some major chaos during this week's episode of Dance Moms. Ultimately, the girls handled the pressure just fine — and they proved that they can win with or without Miller's help.

Abby Lee Miller is in the midst of some major drama with her personal life. Her current legal issues make it very difficult to run a studio, especially now that she has all of the added pressure of succeeding on the west coast. With so much going on, Miller ultimately choked and left the dancers and their moms to fend for themselves.

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The moms can never be happy, so, of course, they were not pleased about Miller's absence. Several worried that things would collapse without their fearless leader there to yell at their kids. This attitude was certainly understandable for the minis' moms, as they are still new to the whole Miller randomly disappearing shtick, but at this point, this should be familiar territory for the rest of the mothers and their kids.

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Ultimately, although everybody fretted backstage, Miller's absence wasn't that big of a deal. Her trusted assistant Gianna Martello kept everybody in line, with the help of a few guest choreographers. The dancers arguably benefited from their exposure to choreographers and teachers who built them up instead of hurling constant insults their way. Yes, there were some issues, including Peyton Evans' inability to pick up choreography, but these problems would likely have occurred with or without Miller. All in all, things went well — especially for the duets, two of which won first place.

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All this brings viewers back to the age-old question: Was Miller responsible for Dance Moms' success? Or is it all about the girls? Miller certainly knows how to snag great opportunities for her dancers, but at what cost? Now that they've hit it big, they might as well capitalize on the opportunities that are available. One of the greatest of these opportunities is easy access to big names in dance. With so many excellent dance teachers eager to train the members of the ALDC, they arguably don't need Miller anymore.

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Reactions to Miller's absence were somewhat mixed, but in general, viewers thought that it was wrong of her to walk out on her teachers. A few claimed that the show was way better without Miller.


Based on the preview for the next episode of Dance Moms, Miller is back — and crazier than ever. Hopefully, the girls enjoyed their brief reprieve, because things are about to get a whole lot more stressful at the ALDC.

Do you think the Dance Moms girls need Abby Lee Miller? Or would they be better off with another teacher? Comment and share your opinion below.

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