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6 Reasons Shadowhunters‘ Magnus Bane is the best thing about the show

I don’t want to speak for all Shadowhunters viewers, but for me, I can safely say that Magnus Bane definitely isn’t the bane of my existence. So far, the new Freeform series has been watchable and enjoyable in many ways, but Magnus’ presence during Tuesday’s episode just infinitely improved Shadowhunters.

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Magnus was only featured briefly in earlier episodes, but he made a bigger mark during Episode 4, “Raising Hell.” It appears Magnus is now going to be a key player (or at least I hope so) from here on out, especially since he’s a badass warlock who knows a lot about Clary and her mother, Jocelyn.

If not, the series is making a big mistake of not utilizing him enough. Whatever the case, thanks to Magnus, I will continue to tune in and mainly because of his witty one-liners. Seriously, I already can’t get enough of him.

With that, here are just a few reasons why Magnus is the best thing about Shadowhunters.

Magnus Bane
Image: Tumblr

1. His sarcasm is on point

Give me some good sarcasm and I’m usually sold. That’s exactly what Magnus delivers, and here’s hoping he continues to do just that.

2. His sense of humor brings the show to life

Not only is he sarcastic, but his wit is on point. By the time Season 1 ends, I’m sure I’ll have a book filled with all of his amazing one-liners.

3. He’s forward — in a good way

As soon as he saw Alec, he made a move. Subtle definitely isn’t part of Magnus’ vocabulary. Sometimes forward is a bad thing, but not with Magnus. He knows what he wants and goes after it. How can’t you admire that? FYI, I’m ready for Malec to happen, stat.

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Magnus Bane
Image: Tumblr

4. He embraces his true self

Magnus isn’t ashamed of who he is. When it comes to hitting on Alec, there’s no hiding it. He knows who he is and embraces it every step of the way.

5. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind

Clearly, Magnus isn’t one for small talk and gets right to the point. There’s strength in someone who utters exactly that he/she is thinking.

6. He’s played by Harry Shum Jr.

I mean, Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr. plays him. Most of his fans are used to seeing him dance it up on the hit Fox series, but now he is portraying an entirely different role. And, yes, he’s killing it. Now, let’s keep those fingers crossed for some type of dance routine from Magnus.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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