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Farrah Abraham shares dog pic that sparks nasty backlash (PHOTO)

Everyone loves cute dog pics, but the photo that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham just posted wasn’t met entirely with cheer. In fact, Abraham is getting some serious flak for promoting her reality series with a pic of her pups. 

Abraham is no stranger to controversy, and seems to meet criticism at every turn, whether it’s for her choice to get plastic surgery or her parenting skills. However, at first glance, this photo of her dogs seems completely innocuous. So why is this pic…

…making people so mad?

Well, it turns out that Abraham’s dogs are pregnant, which means that Abraham is acting as a dog breeder. As evidenced by the feedback on Twitter, some people are less than thrilled with Abraham’s decision to breed her dogs, as there are so many dogs that already need to be adopted from animal shelters. They think that she is adding to the problem by putting more puppies in the world, which could ultimately take away from dogs who are already born and need a home.

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While that is a totally valid point — the amount of dogs who are up for adoption should break the heart of any dog lover — the comments on Abraham’s post extend well past concern for homeless animals. Many of the comments that Abraham has received on this picture attack her, criticizing her past sexual history and recent porn video (a video that she alleges she was coerced into making) as well as her inabilities as a parent. Several people have brought up her ex and the father of her child, who is deceased, stating that he would be “disappointed” and “ashamed” of Abraham’s behavior.

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Truthfully, Abraham could post pretty much anything on Twitter and it would be met with hateful comments, but it’s shocking that a simple photo of her dogs could be met with so much venom. Abraham may be able to shake off the haters, but frankly, many of these comments are downright disturbing — not to mention sexist. There’s absolutely no reason why a woman should be called a whore on Twitter, no matter what her past. Like Abraham or loathe her, but these comments are horrific and something no one deserves.

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