Teresa Giudice throws birthday party while under house arrest (PHOTO)

Feb 2, 2016 at 4:52 p.m. ET

Teresa Giudice celebrated her daughter's birthday under the shadow of house arrest, but her legal nightmare will soon be over.

Teresa Giudice had a quiet family party for her daughter Milania's 10th birthday this week, complete with a confetti-strewn cake that looked absolutely delicious — far better than prison food.

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The photo includes Teresa's husband Joe enjoying one of the last few family celebrations he can before he is due to report to prison himself in March to serve his own sentence for bankruptcy fraud — a whopping 41-month term.

While Joe's prison nightmare is just beginning, Teresa will soon be able to put hers completely behind her. Although she is currently under house arrest, that ends this Friday. But for the next few days, she will still need to ask the permission of her probation officer to go anywhere off her property.

"She asks permission to go places," a source told People. "The probation officer then gives her the parameters of that. He will ask her which stores she is going to and then says, 'You can go from this time to this time.' She can go to work, go to the doctor or go see her lawyer — all with the officer's permission."

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Of course, quiet nights at home are probably right up Teresa's alley after the way she described the activities in her prison cell in her new memoir Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

Writing that fellow inmates called her cell "the Boom Boom Room" because of the sexual activities of her cellmates, she explained, "I could see two women... writhing around... I cannot believe this is happening!"

A quiet birthday party at home does sound preferable, indeed.

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