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Jenelle Evans reveals new career move to be a Kardashian-like empire

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has grown up on-screen, and now she’s sharing memories from her childhood with fans.

On her new Kardashian-esque website called, Evans shares workout tips, photos and personal stories on her blog. She sets the tone in her first blog post titled, “Daddy Issues,” a deep dive into her childhood with her biological father.

“A lot of people ask and wonder about my biological father; where he is, why isn’t he in my life…I have no idea where to begin,” Evans writes.

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“My mother and father never got along, and I don’t remember, but there was always arguing and physical altercations in my household growing up. They both decided to get a divorce, and he moved out. I remember that broke my heart pretty bad, even being so young. I went from seeing him every day and listening to his soothing singing to nothing but silence at night and my mom yelling at my brother and sister for some reason or another.”

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She ends on a sweet note while acknowledging that her mother may have made the right decision in cutting her father out of her life: “Maybe one day we will reconnect once again. Love you daddy.”

Of course, since this is a Teen Mom star; it’s not just a personal diary. The post is a plug for her upcoming book, where fans will get more details on the story. “Later on I found out there was a huge reason behind that. I’ll save that for my book.”

A book of… selfies perhaps?

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