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Kim Zolciak haters slam her butt-baring snap as attention-seeking (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak has a great body, and she certainly does not mind showing it off.

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On Monday, Zolciak took to Instagram to share a photo of her butt with fans as she informed them she would be undergoing a freeze treatment.

“Venus Freeze at Magnolia Med Spa this morning! Gotta keep my shit tight! #BeachBoundTomorrow #LastWeekBeforeIStartFilming #StarBucksInHandOfCourse” she captioned the image.

Zolciak shares a lot of her personal life with fans and is no stranger to criticism, and as to be expected, she has received many negative comments over her butt-baring snap.

“Do I see some surgery scars like after getting a butt lift? Just saying…..,” marydklug wrote.

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“Is there any part of you that is real?” hckymom76 said, slamming Zolciak, while mrs_podi blasted the reality star for being “desperate.” She wrote, “OMG really you a mom your really desperate for attention! Unreal.”

“Stop acting like your [sic] a teenager…go spend time with your kids!!… shop [sic] look great so stop it!!” mushimom wrote.

Zolciak has her fair share of critics, but she also has a lot of supporters who have taken to the comments section of the post to defend her decisions.

“Why are people being so judgmental about her? I’m sorry but if I was her age and had her body I would be doing the same thing! No need to spread your hate!…,” kiki.hellam wrote.

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“I just read about it- I say if you can afford it Why Not!! To all those knocking you down ‘jealously’!!! Keep doing what you are, ‘loving your husband, loving your kids, and good to yourself that is what matters!! @kimzolciakbiermann,” sdobrindt shared.

Shandamelise wrote, “She’s a mom of 6! Cut her a break she looks amazing!” — and she’s right, doesn’t Zolciak deserve a break from the constant negativity on her posts? Plus, she really does look amazing.

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