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Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose share the perfect feminist selfie

Kanye West may have called out Wiz Khalifa and slammed his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose after he thought the rapper was talking about his wife, Kim Kardashian (he wasn’t); but now the women in this situation have done something quite remarkable.

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Rather than continue the petty feud started by the men in their lives, Rose and Kardashian have proved that women can, and should, empower and support one another — and they did all of this with a single selfie.

Taking to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday morning, both women shared a selfie of themselves side by side (something many fans would never have imagined). Kardashian captioned her image with “tea anyone?” while Rose went for a more feisty “swingers.”

We are incredibly impressed by these women and their decision to rise above the drama, and to publicly show the world there is no animosity between them is really quite something. And fans agree.

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While there are a lot of “WTF” and confused comments on the posts, there are also encouraging ones.

“So much respect for you two right now. As grown women AND mothers, setting the example for young women on how to put aside drama and growing in this life,” treshearts wrote.

“I seen this on Kim page y’all are so pretty,” hello.gummy.bears wrote on Rose’s image.

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“The past is gone! Moving forward, you both have to respect one another. That’s All!”, bartustaylor shared. And monamona0611 wrote, “I love this so much.”

Well done, ladies.

Are you pleased to see that Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have put aside their differences instead of engaging in petty arguments? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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