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Will The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins take back Olivia Caridi’s rose?

The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins might be the biggest catch that has ever graced the Bachelor Nation franchise, and he proved it tonight when the emotions started to fly.

Ben has consistently earned my respect again and again. I love the way he makes each one of the girls feel special and unique. Have you noticed that he really takes the time to tell each one what he likes about them? Tonight, for example, he made it clear to Amanda that he thought her past only made her stronger. And last week, he told Becca that her faith was important to him, too.

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But it was tonight’s episode that really sold him for me. Because he respected the women enough to take the time to listen to their concerns. And not just listen in an “OK, let’s get through this” kind of way, but in a “These women are important to me and their feelings should be respected and appreciated” kind of way.

Congrats, Ben. Just when I thought I couldn’t crush on you any harder, you succeeded in making me thoroughly regret not auditioning for The Bachelor this season.

It is because of the level of respect that Ben has clearly displayed that I am pretty confident — like, almost 100 percent confident — Ben won’t take back Olivia’s rose. He respects her too much to just pull the plug and be done with it.

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He’s made it clear that it’s important to him that he hears these women out, takes the necessary time to make sure he’s making the right decisions and then move forward.

So Olivia will, no doubt, live to see another week.

But I am absolutely not ruling out her being on that two-on-one date next week. She’s not long for this show, especially after that horrible Teen Mom comment tonight about Amanda. Sure, she tried to backpedal and correct herself and say she was trying to work on herself as a person… but too little, too late. The whole thing just felt so awkward and disingenuous that I almost (and that’s a big almost) felt bad for her just because it was so clear that the Internet hate would be all over her. She should have made her social media private like three weeks ago. And really, no one deserves to be bullied even if they are a bully.

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I’ve been suspicious of Olivia’s intentions for a while now. And Emily’s potty mouth came out in full force tonight to confirm it. Who knew the girl even knew such language! But good for her for standing up for herself and trusting Ben to stand up for her, too.

Do you think Ben will take back Olivia’s rose before the rose ceremony next week or do you think she’s destined for a two-on-one downfall?

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