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The Biggest Loser‘s Roberto Hernandez stirs controversy with anti-woman comment

The drama has been heavy on The Biggest Loser Season 17, but until tonight, most of this drama was delivered by Felicia Buffkin. That all changed when an upset Roberto Hernandez made an offhand remark that greatly annoyed the show’s female contestants.

If there’s one way to get the contestants on The Biggest Loser to amp up their efforts, it’s to hold a contest that involves immunity as a prize. Unfortunately, while these challenges definitely get the contestants working hard, they also bring out their worst personal qualities. This was evidenced tonight, when Roberto Hernandez proved to be a very sore loser.

Biggest Loser Ladies
Image: NBC

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Upset that his brother lost a race at the very last second (to the drama-prone Felicia Buffkin, no less), Hernandez made a very disparaging remark about how Luis Hernandez had lost to the weakest contestant. Although he at no point actually mentioned that the so-called weakest contestant was a woman, his comment still rubbed the show’s ladies the wrong way, in part because it was so incredibly dismissive.

Biggest Loser Bros
Image: NBC

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Some female contestants would have been happy to simply mutter about Hernandez behind his back, but an angry Erin Willett wanted him to know that he could be heard — and that what he said was not OK. She advised him to “have some respect for women.” Later, she admitted that it was not cool for him to take away from Buffkin’s victory by referring to her as the weakest contestant. After all, if she truly was that weak, she would not have managed to win.

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Willett was not the only person to take issue with Hernandez’s comment. Several viewers took to Twitter to tell Hernandez that his remark was not appreciated. Others commended Willett for her willingness to stick up for Buffkin.

Clearly not apologetic, Hernandez also mentioned the incident on Twitter. His response to the drama drew nearly as much ire as his original comment, in part because he seemed to think that having a wife and mom automatically means that he is supportive of women.

It’s natural to feel frustrated after losing immunity, but that’s no reason to belittle somebody and refer to her as the weakest person on the show — especially when she’s within earshot! Instead of trashing Buffkin, Hernandez should have commended his brother for his efforts.

Did you interpret Roberto Hernandez’s dismissive comment about Felicia Buffkin as being anti-woman? Comment and share your opinion below.

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