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Vicki Gunvalson has been showing off her new man very publicly (PHOTOS)

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson is showing Brooks Ayers what moving on looks like by posting lots of pics of her new boyfriend.

After a major betrayal by Ayers, who stands accused of faking cancer to get more airtime on RHOC, Gunvalson has decided to trust again and handed her heart to construction supervisor Jack Losey.

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And it looks like the pair is having a great time — and maybe even getting serious, judging by the looks of photos she posted to her Instagram account, which included Losey’s sons.

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“Vicki has known Jack for several years and when she was recently in Scottsdale she saw him and he mentioned the next time she was in town he wanted to take her out,” her rep told People. “He’s an absolute gentleman and she’s very excited for the future.”

And she definitely has known Losey for a while — she posted a comparison shot of the two back in 2011 alongside 2016 (though, the Instagram post has since been deleted).

Vicki and Jack in 2011 & 2016
Image: Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram

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“They are absolutely still new and nothing serious yet, though she did have an incredible time this weekend with him,” Gunvalson’s rep said.

Most importantly, Gunvalson’s daughter Brianna Culberson “gives two thumbs up” to the budding romance, the rep said.

Gunvalson dumped Ayers five months ago as rumors of him faking cancer started really heating up. He was later caught faking medical records that he was showing media as supposed proof of his illness. While various cast members have accused Gunvalson of knowingly going along with Ayers and his scheme, she denies any knowledge of it — and he still denies he was faking his illness at all.

Vicki Gunvalson slideshow
Image: FayesVision/

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