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New Blac Chyna arrest details are worse than we thought

Blac Chyna is in much deeper trouble than a simple public drunkenness charge. Wait until you read what cops found in her purse.

The details of Chyna’s arrest at the Austin, Texas, airport last week make her legal issues much worse than they originally sounded. According to an affidavit from the Municipal Court of Travis County, where the airport is located, Chyna’s troubles began when a British Airlines manager refused to allow her to board a plane after smelling alcohol on her breath.

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The manager claims Chyna then became verbally abusive and returned to an airport bar, the Saxon Pub, where she tried to get even more alcohol. Unfortunately, she was refused service because the bar was closing — so she became verbally abusive to the bartender.

After some heated words, she began to cry and complain that she had no one to pick her up after being kicked off her flight. When cops tried to escort her from the airport, she became uncooperative and refused to walk.

And that’s when things got really, really bad. When police searched her purse, they found two small white pills in a sunglasses case. Chyna denied knowing anything about them, but lab results later positively identified the pills as ecstasy — a Schedule I controlled substance.

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What does this mean for Chyna? She is being charged with a third-degree felony of possession of a controlled substance, which, according to Texas state law, is punishable with jail time of anywhere from two to 10 years and up to a $10,000 fine.

Chyna has been freed on $8000 bail and is currently back in Los Angeles after boyfriend Rob Kardashian drove like a madman halfway across the country to pick her up. She is spending her first day back in town getting her Future tattoo removed, according to her Snapchat.

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