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Jenelle Evans’ book will reveal why her biological father left her family

Jenelle Evans is finally going to answer a long-standing question.

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Those who have watched Teen Mom know that Evans’ biological father isn’t a part of her life.

Now, in a blog post Evans published on her website, Jenelle Lauren Evans, she opens up about her estranged father for the first time. The post, titled “Daddy Issues,” explains that Evans hasn’t seen her father at all since she was a young girl.

A lot of people ask and wonder about my biological father; where he is, why isn’t he in my life,” she wrote, adding that she lived with both of her parents and her siblings until she was 5 or 6. “My mother and father never got along, and I don’t remember, but there was always arguing and physical altercations in my household growing up.”

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Despite her parents’ tumultuous relationship, Evans reveals that she was very close to her father.

“He always knew how to put a smile on my face while singing old songs to me in the car, like Red Hot Chili Peppers and rock music while driving around town in the car running errands,” she wrote. “I would love to hear his voice because he actually was a great singer and used to be in a band with Chevy Chase and had blonde hair down to his butt!”

And Evans’ book will go into more detail about what exactly made her father leave, but she mentions on her blog that he didn’t get along with her mom or her siblings.

“Later on I found out there was a huge reason behind that,” she wrote. “I’ll save that for my book.”

According to Evans, her father disappeared once her stepfather became a part of her life.

“To this day I have no idea whether it was the best choice for me to cut ties with him, like my mother tried to make me do, or if my father just didn’t want anything to do with us anymore,” she wrote. “This thought is always on my mind, but until I get to speak to him, it will never be answered. Maybe one day we will reconnect once again. Love you daddy.”

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